Modernization of the Beckmann vehicle fleet.

Modernization of the Beckmann vehicle fleet.

24.04.2014 13:57 by Jan Beckmann

Our new truck

Once again, we have invested heavily! A brand new Mercedes Atego truck with a trailer as well as a brand new Mercedes Sprinter are now ready for our business operations. Here for we have sent the predecessors of these vehicles retire.

The Atego is already equipped with the effective advertising Beckmann playground equipment label. The Sprinter still is neutral blue, but is also will be branded in the next few days.

Furthermore, we have finally received our snow plow for our loaders in March, which we have already ordered the end of 2013. After we had meters of snow  in early 2013, and the bucket of the loader is far from ideal for clearing snow, we decided to order a snow plow. As  Sad to tell, this winter it snowed less than 2 cm in northern Germany .... Well, anyway the next winter will come for sure.

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18.04.2019 13:33

Happy Easter!

We wish all our business partners a Happy Eeaster!

We will be available again on 23.04.2019.