Creeptunnel for in ground installation

Creeptunnel for in ground installation

Article No.: 220800
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  • Length 3.00 m
  • In 3,00 m pieces endlessly extendable
  • can be shortened with a saw easily to any length
  • Internal diameter 800 mm
  • Outside diameter 920 mm
  • Color: outside black, inside green
  • Outside profiled, smooth inside
  • Very light weight and easy handling by material polyethylene (PE)
  • Very high durability by profiled outside
  • Suitable for installation in the ground, for example, in a hill
  • Maximum ground coverage 6 m (can be covered with max 6 m ground)
  • Overhead mounting is also possible
  • Made in Germany
  • Long live time and exceptionally high abrasion resistance

The pipes are made of PE and thus:

  • free of pollutants and toxins
  • easy to clean
  • scratchproof & hitproof
  • durable and abrasion-resistant
  • weather-resistant
  • temperature resistant from -40 ° to + 80 ° C
  • environmentally friendly as recyclable


Installation recommendations:

We recommend to cut the tube ends only to vertical and not inclined. To avoid backwater the tubes should be installed with a minimum slope of 2%, and we also recommend to install the pipe about 10 cm above the rest Playground ground level. The smooth inside of the tube is easy to clean, for example, with a high pressure cleaner or a mop mob. It has been compared with the traditionally used concrete pipes, a significantly reduced risk of injury as well as a much better feel and durability. The tube openings can of course be fitted with a face plate made of wood or PE to prevent sand or earth passes from the hills into the tube. Of course, the creeptunnel can be installed on the ground free standing.