Motif "German shepherd"

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Flat, made from 2 mm copper sheet.

Our weather vanes are premium quality, with ball bearings and hand made from copper. The delivery includes a support pole with stop ring, compass rose from casted brass, a 5 cm and a 9 cm decoration ball made from copper. The support pole has a length of 650 mm and a diameter of 22 mm. Also there is a storm protection that protects the weather vane from flying away in a storm. Inside the support pole there is a ball bearing with weatherproof special grease for always turning the vane smooth into the wind direction. single carton packaging.

Size (e.g cock) Width, incl. compass rose, approx. 60 cm, height approx. 50 cm, thickness approx. 5 cm.  Weight incl. all delivered accessories appox. 6 kg.

Special holding devices for your roof are also avaiable. The cock and the ship are spherical, all other types are made from 2 mm copper plate.

Special weather vanes can be produced by us. Please contact us!