PE slides 1,20m, 1,50m, 2,00m

PE slides 1,20m, 1,50m, 2,00m

Article No.: 220668

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Platform height 200 cm, yellow

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  • Single piece tower slide
  • Also usable as  embankment slide / slope slide / hill slide 
  • Material: Polyethylene (PE), full-coloured
  • Colours: red, blue, green and yellow
  • Platform heights: 120 cm, 150 cm, 200 cm
  • Immune to hits
  • Immune to scratches
  • Outer width 50 cm, inner width 40 cm
  • 2 ways of fixation: 1.) On top of the tower, 2.) Flanged against the tower from the side
  • Including all parts for installation, for example tower anchor and ground anchor
  • Certificated acc. to EN-1176