Playground Pump

Playground Pump

Article No.: 221500
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Heavy duty and robust playground pump for connection of the public water system. This means fresh drinking water is running out of the pump.

  • Material: stainless steel
  • To be connected to public water system
  • Simulated pump procedure
  • Water flow stops automatically independent from handle position after approx. 200 ml
  • Extra robust fixation foot
  • Height: 87 cm, length of water exit: 14 cm
  • Water quality tested
  • No electricity needed

-At some installations it is neccessary to reduce the pressure fromt he public water system. Recommended pressure is 1 to 6 bar. If the pressure is higher, you should use our optional water pressure reducer.
-If the water tubes are old, it might be possible pumping might tranmit some noise to the water tubes. For these cases we recommend to use our optional water hammer arrestor