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About us

About us.

We, company e.Beckmann e.K., are a medium-sized, family business founded in 1985 based in northern Germany, 100 km north of Hamburg, in the area Luebeck, in Dakendorf. Dakendorf is a small, idyllic village surrounded by greenery in the so called Holsteiner-Switzerland with its characteristic hilly landscape in the beautiful district of Ostholstein in the municipality Ahrensbök. The Baltic Sea is only 15 km away.

We are the specialist for the production of accessories and equipments for public playgrounds, i.e.  we do not sell complete structures (with towers and frames) but only the accessories and spare parts needed for the construction of complete playgrounds (add on parts, attachments, equipment and spare parts). We produce more than 90% of the standard range of our assortment ourselves. Our high quality products are competitively priced and mainly produced according to EN 1176, the European toy standard, which allows their use in public.

We only sell business to business, not directly to private end users but only to playground equipment, manufacturers and retailers, who then sell our products, either individually or installed on complete play structure, to the end customer. B. the municipalities, schools, cities, kindergartens, etc. sell.

We have customers worldwide, and sell our products, amongst others to the entire European area, but also to Australia and New Zealand, to the USA and Canada, to China, to Israel, Russia, South Korea. Our products are u.a. also processed by some of the world's largest and most renowned playground equipment manufacturers.

After Hans - Jürgen Beckmann, 1985 still with office in his house and stock in the own garage, began to operate commercial, soon the place became too small. He was supported by friendly entrepreneurs from the area with advice, action and storage. Due to its intensive business activities, it was soon necessary to rent a large warehouse in order to cope with the constantly increasing order volume. For this purpose, a hall (about 700 m²) was rented in Tankenrade.

Due to the constant expansion of the company, not only in Germany and Europe but worldwide, this hall soon became too small. So finally in 2002 a new hall was bought, in which for the first time office and warehouse were united in one building. This now enabled an even more effective way of working. The hall (about 3000 m²) allows us to have even larger quantities of goods in stock and thus always be flexible and, above all, ready to deliver.

In 2012, after a long construction phase, hall 2 was completed, so that now another 1,000 m² of storage space with heavy-duty shelves are available. The hall is another building block to ensure fast delivery.

2017 another brand new hall was built. Hall 3 with further 800 m² of storage space, mainly equipped with high shelves.

The new storage area is urgently needed due to the steadily growing turnover.

The company employs 20 people at its headquarters in Dakendorf, including Ewa Beckmann, Hans-Jürgen Beckmann, daughter Anna and son Jan Beckmann. The number of employees is growing steadily.

We are a very flexible family business, special designs of almost any kind in appropriate quantities can be realized through our extremely efficient production in Europe as well as z. T. in the Far East.

Normally, we are able to ship orders for standard items very quickly, usually on the day of ordering, as we keep all products in stock at all times.

We look forward to every new challenge and we are always grateful for new influences.

At Beckmann it is not just a company philosophy, with us the customer is really king!
We try to do everything possible - sometimes more.

And what can we do for you?