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About us

We are one of Europe’s leading suppliers for the playground industry, and our company is established since 1985. Our company is located in Dakendorf, a small village in the very north of Germany, approximately 100 km north from Hamburg.

We are specialist in production of all playground related products and supply all kind of accessories that is needed to built a playground, but no complete systems. We sell just business to business, our products are exported worldwide. Our main focus is on Playground accessories made of rubber, plastic and metal. Our high quality products are available at competitive prices and mainly produced according EN 1176. That means they can be used in public places. We produce 98 % of the products from our catalogue in our own productions. To realize special productions and queries of our clients is no problem for us. We are specialists for all kind of playground accessory. We are well known in the market for our really fast deliveries.

In 1985 Hans – Juergen Beckmann started doing business with office in his house and stock in his own garage. Soon the storage facilities became too small. He was supported from other enterprisers of the region with storage facilities and advice. Caused by his busy business acting soon it was necessary to rent a bigger warehouse. The first warehouse (approx. 700 m²) was rent in Tankenrade. Several other small warehouses and strorage facitlies followed up soon.

Caused by the steady increase of the turnover, not only in Germany but world wide, also this storage soon became too small. In 2002 finally a own storage was bought. For the first time Office and warehouse are under one roof. This enables us to work much more effective and fast. The big warehouse in Dakendorf (aaprox. 3.000 m²) now enables us to keep big quantities of goods in our stock to be always prepared to deliver flexible and fast.

Meanwhile we have a little vehicle fleet, with which we deliver our products to our clients from the nearer region at low costs. Our premises (9.000 m²) has a lot of free capacities…

The company employes 22 persons, including family members Ewa Beckmann, Hans – Jürgen Beckman, daughter Anna and junior Jan Beckmann.

We are a very flexible company, based on our efficient production all over the world  all kind of special productions can be realized. We are happy about new challenges. For new influences we are always thankful. In general we are able to ship standard orders at the day of the order.

For us it is not just our company philosophy – in our company the client is really king. We try to do all that is possible for our clients, sometimes even more.

And what can we do for you?