Receipt of Goods

Receipt of Goods

Instruction for correct incoming goods inspection

  • The delivered goods must always be checked by the recipient immediately upon delivery for any possible defects, damage and completeness!

  • If, on behalf of our customer, we deliver directly to his customer via drop shipping, it is necessary that our customer also provides his customer with this information regarding correct goods acceptance.

  • Any defects (incompleteness, damage) must be noted written on the shipping documents - such as waybill/CMR/P.O.D(Proof Of Delivery) - of the shipping company and confirmed in writing by the driver!

  • Every recipient of goods receives a copy of the shipping documents upon delivery of the goods. Any defects (e.g. incompleteness, damage) must be noted in writing on the shipping documents of the forwarding company, such as the waybill / CMR / POD, and not on the delivery note from e.Beckmann, and must also be confirmed in writing by the driver.

  • This also applies if only the packaging appears to be damaged.

  • The recipient of the goods is obliged to keep a copy of these shipping documents with the driver's note confirmed in writing. Only this written note, confirmed by the driver, will later be recognized by the insurance company in the case of damage!

  • Transport damage reported later without this note on the shipping documents or without confirmation of the driver will not be recognized either by the insurance company or by us!

  • Attention, important: In case of a damage, it is not sufficient to write goods "accepted under reserve" on the shipping documents of the freight forwarder.

  • The type of reservation must also be precisely noted (e.g. goods not complete, goods scratched, dented, bent, packaging damaged, etc.). If the exact type of reservation is missing on the shipping documents, we cannot make any claims for compensation from the shipping company and their insurance company, and we cannot replace the goods for our customers free of charge!

  • Even if the packaging is obviously not damaged, it must be opened in the presence of the driver and the goods must be carefully checked for any damage and completeness.

  • In case of defect the customer is obliged to take photos of the defect or damage.

  • The recipient of the goods is generally obliged to take the time to inspect the goods immediately and thoroughly.

  • Do not let yourself to be influenced by the truck driver or let you urge to sign the documents thoughtless. With your signature you confirm that you have received the goods in perfect condition. It doesn't matter whether the driver has time or not, the most important thing is that the goods are complete in perfect condition, and that any defects are correctly noted in the shipping documents, so that any damage can be processed, uncomplicated and, above all, free of charge for you and can be covered by the insurance!

    Thank you very much for your understanding!